Sunday, August 9, 2015

William Henry Seward Memorial, Anchorage Alaksa

William Henry Seward was the United States Secretary of State from 1861 to 1869, serving throughout the horrifying period of the American Civil War and on into Reconstruction.  We don't think a great deal about US foreign relations in that period, but we really should, given as the American republics internal struggle put us on pretty rocky shores with many foreign nations, many of which could have used that period to our disadvantage.  Indeed, some did, which explains the French presence in France during this period.

Seward is remembered here, of course, as he was instrumental in the US purchase of Alaska in 1867. Seward had expressed an interest in the US acquiring Alaska as early as 1860, a remarkable instance of foresight.

This memorial is in front of the Old Anchorage City Hall.

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