Thursday, October 29, 2015

Pioneer Plaza, Casper Wyoming

This is Pioneer Plaza, in Casper Wyoming. The small park is dedicated to the memory of pioneers.  The park is across the street from both the old and new Natrona County courthouses, although the obelisk itself was once in front of the county's first courthouse, which was removed long ago. 

 While the oldest feature of the small park dates from 1911, the park itself was dedicated in 1967.

The sheep commemorate the sheep ranching industry that was once so prominent in Natrona County, Wyoming.

Friday, October 2, 2015

American Merchant Mariners' Memorial, Battery Park, New York

The memorial to American Merchant Marines during World War Two. The number of casualties endured by Merchant Mariners during World War Two is horrific, and at least for part of the war it was the single most dangerous service to be in.  This stark memorial commemorates their service with a memorial that frankly contemplates the death of all three merchant seamen depicted in the memorial.

Cheyenne Wyoming's Buffalo Soldier Monument, Vernon Baker Monument, and Military History Park

These are photographs of a small park in  Cheyenne Wyoming, just off of F. E. Warren Air Force Base, which was formerly Ft. F. E. Warren, and originally Ft. D. A. Russell.  the park memorializes various things significant to Cheyenne's military history, which has always been  a significant aspect of Wyoming's capitol.

The most notable feature of the park is an African American cavalryman, a "Buffalo Soldier".  Ft. D. A. Russell saw troops of the 9th Cavalry, one of the two all black cavalry regiments in the segregated Army, stationed at the post.

The monument includes a memorial to 1st Lt. Vernon J. Baker, a Cheyenne native, who won the Congressional Medal of Honor for his actions during World War Two.

The monument also contains informational signs concerning Cheyenne's long military history.