Monday, March 30, 2015

Casper Army Air Base, Casper Wyoming.

These are photos of the new display signs at the Natrona County International Airport, memorializing the airports' early role as an Army Air Corps air base  While the early role of the facility as a B-17 and B-24 training base are still evident, in some ways, these photos serve to also demonstrate how much the facility has changed.

 Display, with stunt aircraft painted in British World War Two colors, in the modern terminal.

Sign on location of the old parade ground.

Flag pole base of parade ground.

Parade ground.

Sign commemorating one of the original hangers, which is still standing.

This particular hanger, near the sign, is now owned by an air racer, and it also hosts a private museum.

The crash station, which I think at least partially retains its original use.

 Contemporary tower, probably not the original.

 Original hanger.

 Hanger row, with new and old hangers.

View of what had been barracks.

 What had been the base hospital.

I should note here that there is also a museum at the airport, in one of the old buildings, that's been featured here previously.

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