Saturday, January 24, 2015

All Wars Memorial Toronto Ontario Old City Hall and York County Courthouse Memorial, Toronto Canada.

Every once in a while, for the business traveler such as myself, you'll take a photo which makes it plain that your old compact camera (and I much prefer a SLR), is too long in the tooth and needs to be retired. This is that photo for me.

This is a memorial to Canadian veterans of all wars. It's a striking memorial in front of the Old Town Hall and York County Courthouse and these photos do not come close to doing it justice.

The front of the memorial features the wars "To Our Glorious Dead". The base includes the years during which Canada fought in World War One, World War Two and the Korean War.  On the left hand side of the memorial significant battles of World War One are noted, and I imagine that other such battles from the other wars are likewise noted.

Note, while I rarely publish these in their full size variants, I am here so that the details can be observed.