Monday, March 26, 2012

John "Portugee" Phillips Monument

John "Portugee" Phillips was an Azores born civilian who found himself working out of Ft. Phil Kearny at the time of the disastrous Fetterman fight. After the battle, Phillips, together with another civilian, rode over 200 miles to bring the news of the disaster to the Army. Phillips rode slightly further, and therefore is remembered, than his compatriot.

Phillips remained in Wyoming, married, and became a rancher. He's buried in Cheyenne. This memorial to his long ride is located just outside of the grounds of Ft. Phil Kearny in what is effectively a ranch yard. Indeed, my photographs of the monument are not closer, as two ranch dogs from the adjacent ranch were self employed in guarding it, and discretion proved the better part of valor. Besides, it's refreshing to see two such dedicated employees as they, and I honored their objections as to my dismounting from my vehicle.

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