Thursday, April 7, 2016

World War One, World War Two, and Korean War Memorial: Chugwater Wyoming

This is the memorial for men lost in World War One, World War Two and the Korean War from the tiny town of Chugwater, Wyoming.  Chugwater is a very small town in Platte County, although it was probably a little larger during the Great War, World War Two, and the Korean War.

Expressing a unique tragedy, the same name appears on this memorial twice, but as that name was very clearly added for a serviceman of the Korean War after the monument was placed, we would have to assume that this represents two servicemen of the same name, likely father and son.

The memorial is located in a very small park across from the town hall.  Oddly, two figures have been added relatively recently which depict current servicemen, carrying M4 carbines. The figures are out of place and sort of resemble the plastic toy soldiers that kids play with and are an unfortunate addition to the memorial.