Saturday, May 25, 2013

World War Two Memorial, Natrona County High School, Casper Wyoming.

We've been wanting to get this, and the Vietnam War memorial, from NCHS up for sometime, but, as can be seen, we've been frustrated by the glare present in the NCHS lobby.  My son recently took this photo with his cell phone camera, and it'll have to do until we can somehow get a photo without glare.  These types of monuments are hard to photograph in general, as the lighting conditions are always poor in one way or another.

This plaque lists NCHS's dead from World War Two, quite a number if you consider that the overall number of students in the 1940-45 time frame would have been considerably smaller than now.  Of course, it was also the only high school in the county at the time, so everyone of the bottom end of military age was attending the school.  

Also notable is that this is one of several monuments in Casper Wyoming commemorating the dead of World War Two, which says something both as to the impact of the war upon the town, and the number of people who were in the service.

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