Monday, July 2, 2012

Bighorn Mountain Sheep Trailing, Wyoming

This may seem like an odd one to add here, but it does commemorate, in part, the dead  of a war, albeit a private war. This Federal monument commemorates the Wyoming sheep industry, now a mere shadow of its former self.  In its early days, the hill behind what is displayed here was the "Deadline", literally the line which sheepmen were not to cross, according to cattlemen, lest they end up dead.

The monument itself recalls a "Sheepherders Monument", a type of rock cairn that sheepherders once used to mark trails, and which are still very common in Wyoming.


  1. Do you have a latitude and longitude for this monument? Or, how do you get to it? Or what is the name of its location besides the Big Horn mountains? Thank you.

  2. I'll frankly have to look that up. I can determine it, but I don't have that information handy.