Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Oregon Trail Marker and Stuart Cabin

This monument commemorates the Oregon Trail, noting an 1841 date, and the 1812 Stuart cabin, which was at one time commonly noted to be the "first white man's cabin" in Wyoming. It was more likely the first European American cabin, as it could certainly be debated as to whether French Canadians had built prior temporary structures. The cabin itself was what was originally principally commemorated here, and at one time there was a wooden sign of the type placed by the State of Wyoming to mark historic sites here. The sign was removed many years ago for some reason.

The cabin was occupied only briefly, as the occupants, fur trappers, discovered that they had built it in an area that was being contested between two Indian tribes. Upon discovering that, they relocated their winter quarters to a spot near the current town of Torrington, over 100 miles away. As a cabin, it was a primitive structure, with a simple open hole in the roof allowing for a fire to be built on the floor with the smoke venting out the top.

Today, highway construction is going on in this location.

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