Monday, February 20, 2012

World War One Memorial, Laramie Wyoming

This is the World War One Memorial in Laramie Wyoming. This memorial commemorates every resident of Albany County, together with every student or employee of the University of Wyoming, who lost their life in World War One. These photographs were taken in waning light, and therefore are not great. The dark bronze plates list names, and are full all the way around the memorial.

The number of names on this memorial is impressive, giving evidence to just how severe the combat of World War One was. This is one of two World War One memorials located in Laramie, with the other being located at the Episcopal Cathedral. This one is on a corner of the block occupied by the Albany County Courthouse.

View from the back steps of the Albany County Courthouse.

This memorial hasn't always been in this location. It was, at one time, located in a prominent location downtown. It only occupied this prominent downtown position for several years, however. It was moved by 1929 to its current location but the area still looks different as as the current courthouse had not yet been built.

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