Tuesday, September 13, 2011

115th Cavalry Regiment Armory Monument, Casper Wyoming

This unusual monument commerates the 115th Cavalry Regiment's armory in Casper, Wyoming. The Wyoming Army National Guard armory was built in 1930 and was one of several housing individual units of the National Guard's 115th Cavalry Regiment. After the Korean War the unit later housed the HHB 3d Bn 49th FA until some date in the 1970s. The building then passed into the ownership of Casper College, and it was ultimately torn down in 1987. This monument stands in a park where party of the armory's grounds were located.

Photographs of the armory are also located here. More about the 115th Cavalry Regiment, which was federalized in 1940 and served in World War Two, can be found on the Society of the Military Horse website, a link to which is provided in our link list.

Photographs of the armory coming down are provided below.


  1. A shit head Mayor Jack Kelly had it torn down in the middle of the night, to get his way. many of us who Drilled there threatened to barricade and hold it!!!

    1. I have a very interesting cigarette holder from 1937 115 ca b troop. Was a rifle trophy I believe. Would you've interested?

    2. When were you there? I have a cigarette case with engravings that say 115 cav wng b troop rifle trophy. This have any interest to you?

  2. When did you drilling there?