Friday, August 31, 2012

Ferdinand Brandstetter Post #1. First American Legion Post in the United States. Van Tassell Wyoming

This is the the memorial for the Ferdinand Brandstetter American Legion Post in Van Tassel, Wyoming.  This was the location of the first American Legion post in the United States.  The town must have been much larger at the time, as it hardly even exists now, and the legion post very obviously no longer exist.  The American Legion was formed in Paris immediately following World War One, for veterans of that war, and had very active participation almost immediately from veterans of the Great War.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Crazy Horse and Levi Robinson Memorials, Ft. Robinson, Nebrask



These are photographs of the memorials dedicated to Crazy Horse and Levi Robinson at Ft. Robinson, Nebraska.  These monuments were ones placed by the Army sometime during the period the post was an active Army post.

Levi Robinson was an Army lieutenant killed near Ft. Laramie, Wyoming.  The post was named after him.  Crazy Horse, the famous Sioux leader, was killed on the post during the famous incident that lead to his death.  Another monument to Crazy Horse, depicted just below on this blog, is also on the post near the spot of his death.

Crazy Horse Monument, Ft. Robinson Nebraska

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Quite a few relevant monuments are depicted on this thread on SMH, which deals with Ft. Robinson, Nebraska:

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Monday, August 6, 2012

Holscher's Hub: Gas Hills-Crook's Gap Monuments

Not an appropriate monument for this site, but given as I'm cataloging monuments, I thought I'd note this other one, of another type, that I've noted elsewhere:

Holscher's Hub: Gas Hills-Crook's Gap Monuments: This has to be one of the most obscure monuments in Wyoming. These are signs dedicated to the history of uranium mining in the...